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  • Einar hydrolysis reactors are designed for industrial research of enzymatic hydrolysis ofmaterial with both low and high dry matter (up to 40%).
  • Einar user friendly control system provides control for temperature, stirrer speed and power and material pH.
  • Einar reactors are made of acid resistant stainless steel and have a unique tilting system to facilitate mixing of high solid content media.
  • Einar reactors are closed to eliminate evaporation and constructed to be able to provide anaerobic conditions.
  • Einar has been proved a powerful research tool for lignocellulose biomass (wood, straw or other fibrous materials).
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Our commitment is to combine our 30 years biotech experience, engineering and innovation skills and serve our partners with long term reliable, robust and flexible bioprocess systems. Applying highest quality and state-of-the-art components we build and maintain user-friendly intuitive equipment.

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Belach combines proven standard components to build customized equipment and plants tailored to the individual needs of our clients.