Customized modernity
Professional bioprocess solutions since 1985


  • Stainless steel, in-situ sterilisable bioreactors in 50-1000 L volumes
  • Designed for pilot or manufacturing processes of biological products
  • Powerful magnetic coupled stirrer, stainless steel frame system with thermo-system, sterile filters and load cells
  • Highly advanced regulations for stirrer, level, temperature, DO, pH, redox, pressure, gasflow and feed pumps
  • Easy integration of 3rd party instruments and equipment
  • Optional gas mixing station, gas analyzer, turbidity sensor
  • Several commercial references in Vaccine production, Probiotic starter cultures
About us

Our Mission

Our commitment is to combine our 30 years biotech experience, engineering and innovation skills and serve our partners with long term reliable, robust and flexible bioprocess systems. Applying highest quality and state-of-the-art components we build and maintain user-friendly intuitive equipment.

Customized solutions and long term support

Belach combines proven standard components to build customized equipment and plants tailored to the individual needs of our clients.